When therapy can help

richmond counselling
richmond counselling

We all have times when we feel unable to deal with what can be an overload of emotions and thoughts. Our response may be to shut down or we may try to use food, substances, activities, relationships to drown out their intensity, gain some sense of peace or control. When these methods - sometimes formed over many years - cease to work, therapy can help get back in touch with our core self.  

Below I have listed some of the issues I can help with:



*Feeling low, depressed or suicidal

*Low confidence or self-esteem

*Panic, anxiety or phobias


*Relationship or sexual problems


*Bereavement and loss


*Domestic or sexual violence

*Problems at work or redundancy


*Exam stress



*Eating disorders

*Psychosomatic illness



Usually, expressing feelings and making sense of troubling issues with a counsellor or psychotherapist for a number of weekly sessions will  give you a different perspective and the emotional clarity to start living a more satisfying, healthy or meaningful life.


Sometimes, therapy can also be process of discovery far beyond the relief of symptoms: to get to know yourself better and have a fuller experience of life.

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Piece by Piece

Therapy can be like a puzzle with no pre-arranged order. Slowly, step by step, things fall into place.  


Whether it is change, acceptance, insight, letting off steam, recovering from loss, addiction or illness ... the process happens one piece at a time.